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· 3 min read
Ash Pearson

Not long ago, Discord was seen as the place for gamers to chat. However, since the pandemic, Discord has experienced strong growth in servers covering a wide range of topics. This growth has led to the launch of many new and exciting servers, fostering quality discussions in various categories. This article focuses on a growing trend: Productivity.

We have compiled a list of some of the best Discord servers to join, aiming to provide you with the productivity boost you need to get through the workweek, help with project management and prioritization, and avoid dangerous procrastination.

Top Discord Productivity Servers.

Tools for Thought:

First up is Tools for Thought, a Discord server that focuses on the best tools available to professionals and how to make the most out of them to enhance productivity. While it previously focused mainly on Notion, the server has expanded to include discussions on a wide range of different tools. This server is a fantastic resource for discovering new tools that can transform you into a productivity ninja.

Link to Discord:

Productivity Cafe:

Productivity Cafe is a growing Discord server with an active user base and a strong emphasis on community, self-improvement, accountability, and productivity. You can find an accountability partner, publicly track your daily and weekly to-dos, and participate in movie nights to connect with the community once your workday is complete. They describe themselves as a group of caffeine-fueled productivity wizards on a mission to conquer the dragons of distraction. Unleash your potential and check out this server.

Link to Discord:

Activity Tracking Made Easy with WhatPulse Statistics


As the server name suggests, this Discord originated from the popular and active Reddit community dedicated to all things productivity. While Reddit is excellent for longer discussions, their Discord server is a hive of live activity when it comes to discussing productivity. It offers channels dedicated to recommending and discussing the best apps, books, systems, websites, and project management tools, as well as channels focused on self-improvement and motivation. If productivity is your thing, joining this server is definitely worthwhile.

Link to Discord:


Notion has become the all-in-one solution for many businesses and professionals, serving as an internal documentation platform, wiki, and even handling more advanced functions such as content calendar management, finances, and budgeting. Not surprisingly, Notion has its very own Discord server that focuses on making the most out of Notion, helping you become more productive. The server provides tips on commands, resources, and templates that can assist you in maximizing the potential of this amazing tool.

Link to Discord:


Last but not least, we can't miss mentioning our very own Discord server for WhatPulse, which includes a dedicated channel for all things productivity. In this server, you can chat and learn about the tools used by our most productive WhatPulse users to help them make the most of their working week and improve their stats.

Link to Discord:

· 3 min read
Martijn Smit

In continuous efforts to enhance user experience, I'm excited to announce the latest version of WhatPulse, v5.5! We've listened to your feedback and made significant improvements and fixes.

Let's dive into the details:

🎉 New features:

In-application messages banner

When there's a software update available, WhatPulse already shows you a nice message banner at the top of the window. We've added more important messages to show you, starting with a message when your computer is archived and unable to pulse. Introduced a few weeks ago, you can archive unused computers to clean up your dashboard. Starting with WhatPulse v5.5, you'll see a message inside WhatPulse if you happen to archive a computer that's still active.

We'll add more messages in the future, for example, when you achieve a badge or cross a milestone.

Activity Tracking Made Easy with WhatPulse Statistics

Key combination export

The Export Wizard is a great way to get your WhatPulse statistics in a CSV format, which you can then process. We've added key combinations to the export options. Export the History of Key Combinations to get all the combinations during your day and see which ones you use the most. Or export them per application to see which combinations you use the most in specific applications.

Manual database backup

It's now easier to create an online backup of your valuable local statistics with a new button called Start Backup on the Account tab.

📈 Improvements

Bigger mouse heat map export

Your mouse heat export image now scales perfectly to match your desktop resolution. No more tiny points on larger screens, providing better accuracy and visibility of where you click.

Auto updating

We've reintroduced the auto-updating feature, making it easier to stay up to date with the latest WhatPulse versions. Enable the option called Automatically install new versions in the General Settings, and WhatPulse will check for new versions when it starts and install them automatically. Never miss out on the latest enhancements.

Translation testing

To make it easier to translate WhatPulse into another language, the client now supports loading a custom translation file via a command-line parameter. This is very useful when you're creating a new translation and you want to see how it looks. Find more information about client translations and how to use this new feature on our GitHub page.

🐛 Bug fixes

Network, network, network

The high level of different measurements inside the network stack has made the WhatPulse network statistical journey quite a ride. WhatPulse v5.5 includes a ton of network measurement improvements, including a few bugs that could crash WhatPulse in certain conditions. Here's a summary:

  • Fixed a bug causing high CPU usage when a network interface disappears.
  • Resolved a bug where the client could crash when resuming from sleep, when networking was enabled, and there was a change in the computers network.
  • Resolved an issue where the network interface IP address was not displaying on macOS.
  • Optimized network interface counters for macOS, resulting in better performance and reliability.

How to update

Version 5.5 is now available when you use the Check for Updates function, and you can download it from:


While this is not all (find all changes in the release notes), I hope this summary of WhatPulse v5.5 shows that we're continuously improving WhatPulse and hope to provide you with the best user experience and computer statistics possible.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates to come!

· 2 min read
Martijn Smit

We are thrilled to announce WhatPulse achievement badges, a fantastic way for you to show your statistical accomplishments!

Starting today, active accounts will automatically be assigned our unique badges daily. We’re launching with 22 badges and will continue to add more. You can find a complete list of the badges and their requirements here.

Once you earn a new badge, you will receive a notification about your latest accomplishment. Your new badges can then be accessed and admired on your profile under the new "Badges" tab (figure 1, arrow 1):

New Badges Tab

Figure 1: New Badges tab, located on your profile page.

This dedicated section proudly showcases your badge collection, allowing you to share and compare your achievements with others.

A keen eye will also see the “Latest Badge” (figure 1, arrow 2), which shows the last badge you’ve been awarded. Your latest badge is visible on your profile page, ensuring that your most recent feat receives the recognition it deserves.

Click any badge or badge title to open a window with more information about the badge, like when you unlocked the badge, and easy social media share buttons:

Badge Details

Figure 2: Badge detail window, opened when you click a badge.

A growing collection

We are excited to launch 22 unique badges covering a wide range of milestones. However, we'll continuously add new badges to offer even more opportunities for you to challenge yourself and achieve new ones. Keep an eye out for future badge releases.

If you have any ideas about what badges we should add, leave feedback here.

Happy badge hunting!

Activity Tracking Made Easy with WhatPulse Statistics

· 2 min read
Ash Pearson

Through our working lives, we go through numerous computers and laptops. Perhaps you've changed jobs, and you've been given a shiny new Apple MacBook. Or maybe you've upgraded your battlestation at home with a custom-built gaming masterpiece. Either way, your old and unused devices are still sitting in your WhatPulse account and profile. Introducing: Archived Computers

Organize your unused devices with the new Archived Computers feature.Organize your unused devices with the new Archived Computers feature

You can now log in to your WhatPulse account and archive any computers you are no longer using. These devices will still be available in your profile, dashboard, and stats, but you won't be able to pulse to them. They'll sit in a shiny new Archived Computers section on your profile.

Additionally, archived computers will not count towards your 3-computer limit if you are not currently a premium subscriber.

Pro Tip: Premium users can have unlimited computers attached to their profile without ever needing to archive. Upgrade here.

Activity Tracking Made Easy with WhatPulse Statistics

How to archive your computers on WhatPulse

Archiving your computers is super-easy! Just follow these steps:

  • Log into your account on the WhatPulse website
  • Head to Computers on the left hand menu
  • You'll see a checkbox to the left of each Computer. Check the box for the one(s) you want to archive
  • Click the Archive button at the top of the page
  • You'll get a warning pop-up that you will no longer be able to pulse from these Computers. Click Archive
  • Those computers will now be visible towards the bottom of the page in a new Archived Computers section.

Pro Tip: If you want to archive just one computer, you can click the Edit icon on the far right of the page for that device and change its name at the same time as using the toggle to archive it.

Archive a single computer and edit it's name at the same timeArchive a single computer and edit it's name at the same time

And that's it! Just another way to manage your computers and productivity with WhatPulse.

Happy Pulsing.

· 2 min read
Martijn Smit

There are significant improvements in application handling. Previously, it was possible for applications not to appear on your computer profiles online, but this issue has been resolved. Additionally, the %TodayUptime% has been added to the stats available in the Geek Window, representing today’s uptime.

Other improvements include automatic sizing of the Geek Window, allowing for it to be made smaller, and automatic online database backups for Premium users. Previously, backups only occurred when the client was starting up, but now, they will also be created weekly when the client is running continuously.

For users on macOS 13.1 and above, there was an issue with the being blocked from running by macOS. Unfortunately, users will need to reinstall the client to receive new updates.

Activity Tracking Made Easy with WhatPulse Statistics

Privacy Policy Update

Our commitment to user privacy remains as strong as ever, and that’s why we’ve removed Google Analytics and brought in Plausible Analytics, a privacy-focused analytics service. No cookies are used and no personal data — not even an IP address or browser user agent — is stored.

We’ve also added Paddle as a new payment processor. Review our privacy policy here.

Paddle for WhatPulse Premium

Lastly, we’re also excited to introduce Paddle as our new payment provider for Premium subscriptions and one-time purchases. With invoicing support in 28 currencies, it’s now easier than ever to get your premium membership and access all the incredible features WhatPulse Premium has to offer.

Remember, upgrading to WhatPulse 5.2 before March 16th will ensure uninterrupted pulsing. As always, we welcome any feedback or suggestions you may have. Thank you for being part of the WhatPulse community!