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Martijn Smit

I’m excited to announce that, the clean and simple typing test website developed by Lucas Hockley, is joining the WhatPulse family.

Originally from Cambridgeshire, UK, Lucas began developing four years ago and has since delivered over 6 million type tests through a focus on a sleek design, complemented by a modern, minimal typing experience.

The website lets users track their progress across different typing test modes and compete on the global leaderboards. While simplicity is key, you can customize your type tests by choosing a simple or advanced word list, the duration, using punctuation or numbers, and the end result is a magnificent chart of your typing session.

Take a type test

We’ve acquired to further enhance the functionality of the typing test website and integrate it with our existing WhatPulse community, like the ability to share the tests via your WhatPulse profile, adding achievement badges to collect alongside your other WhatPulse accolades, and the integration of WPM roles into our popular and growing WhatPulse Discord server. We have some exciting plans for as well, like supporting multiple languages, building out more leaderboards, and more.

Existing WhatPulse users can look forward to’s typing test soon being integrated into the WhatPulse website as an additional fun activity. Who are the fastest typists among our community? It’s time to find out!