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Profile Statistics Reports

There are two places where you can find statistics and reports about your profiles: the WhatPulse Dashboard and WhatPulse software. The software will show local stats for the computer it's running on, and the dashboard has all your profiles and stats so you can correlate between multiple computers.


All pages inside the software, with a few exceptions (real-time network chart, reboot calendar), have a profile filter on the top right corner. You can select any profile here and the page will refresh with data from only the selected profile.

  1. Open the WhatPulse app on the page you'd like to filter on your profile, for example the Keyboard Heat map page.
  2. From the top right dropdown labeled as Profile:, select the profile you'd like to filter on.
  3. The data instantly refreshes to show only the selected profiles' stats.

Video length: 1min 1sec

Website Dashboard

Your profiles and their statistics are centrally gathered on the website, in your private dashboard. It is here where you can view the accumulatives for a specified time period, like the last week, the last two weeks, the last month, the last 3 months, the last year, and all-time.

Table widget

To add a table width containing your profiles and their statistics, follow the below steps:

  1. Browse to your Dashboard page.
  2. Click the + icon on the top right to add a new widget.
  3. Hover over the new widget that appeared and click the gear icon to open its settings.
  4. Select the Table type.
  5. In the Table Type dropdown, choose Profile Statistics.
  6. Select for how long you'd like to see the accumulative profile stats in the For the last dropdown.
  7. Optionally:
    1. Choose to order the profiles in the table by Time Used (default), Keys, or Clicks.
    2. Choose whether to show Time Used, Keys, or Clicks at all, using the toggle buttons.

Video length: 44sec