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Your accountname: wozzot
The date you joined: 2012-11-17
Your country: United States

The keys of your last pulse: 34,297
The clicks of your last pulse: 7,621
The time and date of your last pulse: 2016-03-18 21:26

Your total keys: 15,706,413
Your total clicks: 5,744,818
Your rank: 10,030th
Your rank in team: 84th

Your average keys per second: 0.06
Your average keys per minute: 3.64
Your average keys per hour: 218.67

Your average clicks per second: 0.02
Your average clicks per minute: 1.33
Your average clicks per hour: 79.98

Total amount of pulses: 313
Average keys per pulse: 50,180
Average clicks per pulse: 18,354

The rank of your country: 1st