Powerful per Application Stats

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Beautify your Data

Make better sense of your data using intuitive widgets.

  • Line Graphs: Plot your stats and rankings growth.
  • Bar Charts: See how you've been doing over the last week, month or year(s).
  • Pie Charts: Which computer eats up most of the pie?
  • Tables: List your top 10 apps, computers or latest pulses.

Power of Data

Scrutinize your Network

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Feature Free Premium
Online Profile & Dashboard
Teams & Sub-teams
Data Visualisation (charts)
Unlimited Data & Pulse Retention
Weekly Online Backups
Keys & Clicks
Count Keys & Clicks
History of Keys & Clicks per Day
Keyboard & Mouse Heat Maps
Share Keyboard & Mouse Heat Maps Online
Per Application Keys & Clicks
Per Application Keyboard & Clicks Heat Map
Detailed Keyboard & Mouse History
Export Keyboard & Mouse History to CSV
Network Traffic
Count Network Traffic
Real Time Network Traffic Chart
History of Network Traffic per Day
Per Application Network Traffic
Per Protocol Network Traffic
Per Country Network Traffic
Export Network Traffic History to CSV
Count Uptime
Count Uptime per Application
Application Activity Chart
Export Uptime & Application Activity to CSV