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My name is Stephen Deacon and I joined on 2005-07-04, I live in Canada, and I am a proud member of the team Team Canada The teams ID is 99. I joined WhatPulse 15y29w2d22h21m50s ago.

Additional Info:
I currently have 3 websites that I am working on that help me with me key counts, as well as a few games, and helping out in the LCPD:FR forum.

I last pulsed 1,805 keys and 2,391 clicks at 2021-01-21 07:00. In a total of 4,711 Pulses I have a total of 41,348,449 recorded keys and 15,946,884 recorded clicks and deprecated recorded miles.

I am currently ranked 2,207th place overall and my country is in 5th place and I am in 9th place in my team.

After 4,711 pulses I have got the following averages.

0.08 Keys Per Second.

0.03 Clicks Per Second.

5.05 Keys Per Minute.

1.95 Clicks Per Minute.

303.27 Keys Per Hour.

116.96 Clicks Per Hour.

8,777 Keys Per Pulse.

3,385 Clicks Per Pulse.