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My name is Stephen Deacon and I joined on 2005-07-04, I live in Canada, and I am a proud member of the team Team Canada The teams ID is 99. I joined WhatPulse 14y29w2d6h5m45s ago.

Additional Info:
I currently have 3 websites that I am working on that help me with me key counts, as well as a few games, and helping out in the LCPD:FR forum.

I last pulsed 743 keys and 1,085 clicks at 2020-01-21 07:02. In a total of 4,353 Pulses I have a total of 40,531,422 recorded keys and 15,273,714 recorded clicks and deprecated recorded miles.

I am currently ranked 2024th place overall and my country is in 5th place and I am in 8th place in my team.

After 4,353 pulses I have got the following averages.

0.09 Keys Per Second.

0.03 Clicks Per Second.

5.3 Keys Per Minute.

2 Clicks Per Minute.

317.73 Keys Per Hour.

119.73 Clicks Per Hour.

9,311 Keys Per Pulse.

3,509 Clicks Per Pulse.