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Welcome to the Linus Tech Tips WhatPulse team. Most of our 210 members are part of the www.linustechtips.com forum that support's Linus Media Group's Youtube channel, www.youtube.com/LinusTechTips. The team was formed on 2013-04-18 and since then we have;

Keys: 2,038,199,821
Clicks: 1,370,622,564
Downloaded: 5.62PB
Uploaded: 3.55PB
Uptime: 449 years, 7 weeks, 5 days, 7 hours, 44 minutes, 29 seconds

Out of all the teams, there are our ranks;

Keys: 15th
Clicks: 12th
Download: 2nd
Upload: 2nd
Uptime: 4th

Out of the entire WhatPulse project, there are our contribution percentages;

Keys: 0.33%
Clicks: 0.40%
Download: 3.65%
Upload: 5.03%
Uptime: 0.71%