Kongregate Elite

We are a team of users from the site Kongregate.com, dedicated to the fun of personal goals and genuine, honest statistics of our WhatPulse progress. We currently have 82 members, with a total 1,518,024,910 keys and 579,243,470 clicks; We are 0.20% of the users on WhatPulse and we are in 19th place of all the teams on WhatPulse.

The only requirement that we have for being on this team is that you must be a member of Kongregate.com. If you have a Kongregate account, shoot one of us a message through Kongregate and we'll let you in!

A big thanks to ahpla for showing us the Free DC stats for KE!

And thanks to 09Kisame09 for making us our beautiful banners!


4-4-2011 To help monitor and enforce team policy, we ask that all new members use the same username on WhatPulse as they use on Kongregate - if your WhatPulse username is not the same as your Kongregate username, please list your Kongregate username within your WhatPulse profile or link your Kongregate profile as your website. This will make it much easier to verify each user as a member of Kongregate, and keep our team exclusive to Kongregate members. If you cannot oblige to this team policy, there is a chance that you may mistakenly be kicked from the team.

2-9-2012 Holy cow, Batman! One Billion Keys, good job team!

12-12-2012 Hosting for the idle Kongregate Elite forum at http://marshall.slapsgiving.org:8080/ will cease unless/until the need for a forum should arise again. Thank you again to ahpla for two years of hosting for us!

Rank Username Keys Clicks Downloaded Uploaded Uptime Last Pulse
1 Sinapi 96,625,000 38,965,029 12.88TB 3.87TB 9y24w9h13m 2022-05-27
2 Mr. Bean 78,389,772 16,100,852 0.00MB 0.00MB <1m 2012-06-12
3 Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious 70,483,351 9,498,363 0.00MB 0.00MB <1m 2016-07-27
4 Agent_86 66,950,000 28,167,924 21.66TB 1.21TB 5y12w1d7h44m44s 2022-05-20
5 Echo51 64,312,659 18,994,597 25.22TB 3.31TB 4y14w3d59m9s 2022-07-01
6 LtSten 54,211,975 15,795,004 23.46TB 1.33TB 4y10w2d23h39m14s 2022-06-30
7 Klefx 53,664,068 49,909,783 8.93TB 1.87TB 4y8w9h4m47s 2022-07-01
8 Laxaria 50,404,007 14,645,583 3.46TB 198.46GB 1y26w2d19h22m25s 2022-07-01
9 taliamaytea 47,098,983 6,757,043 17.08TB 3.66TB 4y18w1d22h9m53s 2022-06-30
10 Farrhago 46,810,322 14,609,004 22.08TB 2.50TB 5y11w6d1h13m39s 2022-06-27
11 Sarsy 44,807,951 36,323,308 12.37TB 3.81TB 4y37w3d12h8m58s 2022-06-30
12 HayatoS 42,066,004 4,374,661 1.06TB 20.68GB 10w5d17h14m17s 2016-08-09
13 MikeChilds 34,508,314 16,600,228 2.90TB 168.17GB 2y4w5d6h10m24s 2018-02-04
14 cousin46 32,409,780 89,438 0.00MB 3.00MB 8h18m32s 2022-06-22
15 Cosmic_Castaway 31,353,047 17,840,467 2.11TB 223.66GB 30w2d15h23m53s 2017-12-25
Name Members Keys Clicks Downloaded Uploaded Uptime
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