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We are at war!!!
The Koala regime, under the leadership of Bob \"The Koala\" continues to coordinate attacks against Human defences. Everyday dozens of humans die at the hands of these oppressors. In an effort to subdue their growing strength a small band of survivors fight using any means necessary including cars, chainsaws and yes even good old fashioned pitchforks.
Together we have 34 members that have killed 723,040,871
koalas and injured 281,800,861 others.
Unfortunately this only results in 0.10% of the total Koala population.
Join us now in our fight and we shall rise once again

Once again the koalas have overrun the human resistance and we are now left with no choice but to nuke the furry bastards. The drop-bears will be taken out first, at 1400 hours under the cover of daylight. This will be followed by a blitz of the koalas at 1500 hours. Koala population is expected to reduce significantly. This is the end of the little pests. We also have a surprise in store for the traitor terrorist group known as the \'RSPCA\'... More information as it comes to hand.


Team AUSTRALIA is in a continuous battle against the raging war machine of koalas. The oppressive regime has backed the human population into a corner (unfortunately in southern Western Australia). All efforts to resist the tree dwellers have resulted in the mutation of koalas into a \'superkoala\' battalion. They use gorilla techniques to overpower humans.

This message is a last ditch effort to ask more Australians to join the effort before we are wiped out by these ruthless killers.

We have developed a compound the opposite of Eucalyptus which we hope will poison these fluffy monsters before their human eradicating agendas can be carried out.

Tasmania has been sacrificed for the greater good. The koalas appear oblivious to the fact humans don\'t care for the apple isle anyway.


Massive koala-built destroyers have been sighted crossing the Tasman! DO NOT WARN NEW ZEALAND. Any chance that the Koalas will divert their attacks to the Kiwi islands can only be a good thing.

Our team rank is 41st

Thanks for letting me \'Manage\' Team Australia! It has been fun being #1 for the last few years. :) I\'ve now decided to move over to TeamLiquid.

wisie is your new #1!

Best of luck to all, and keep pulsing!
- Worked, 12/9/2011