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Since he joined whatpulse on 2005-09-01, Mike has amassed a total of 33,655,012 keystrokes and 16,614,015 clicks.

In his last pulse (on 2020-02-17 23:37 ), he pulsed 10,000 keystrokes and 3,112 clicks.

Since he joined, he has averaged 4.42 keystrokes per minute (0.07 per second) and 2.18 clicks per minute (0.04 per second).

Mike has pulsed a total of 1,415 times, and averages 23,784 keystrokes and 11,741 clicks per pulse.

Mike is on the Penn State University team of 7 members which was created on and is ranked 272nd with 143,591,305 total keystrokes and 40,494,120 total clicks.
He is ranked 2964th overall, he lives in the United States which is the 1st ranked country with 40,673 members and 149,688,524,238 total keystrokes and 76,493,847,559 total clicks.

This profile was last updated on 26 Feb 2020 @ 07:20.