Home Stats [T@C]LMD


User Info
Username: [T@C]LMD
Country: Netherlands
Country Rank: 2nd
Place: 772nd
Participant: 2004-11-01 (16y40w1d15h22m12s)

Team Info
Team: Dutch Power Cows
Team ID: 1295
Rank in Team: 38th
Website: http://www.tweakers.net
Subteam: #T@C

Pulse Info
Total Pulses: 939
Last Pulse: 2013-04-05 14:11
Amount of Keys last Pulse: 1,049,542
Amount of Clicks last Pulse: 286,721

Average Keys per Pulse: 71,271
Average Clicks per Pulse: 16,627

Stats Info
Total Keys: 66,923,180
Total Clicks: 15,612,514
Total Miles: deprecated

Avarage Keys per second: 0.13
Avarage Keys per minute: 7.59
Avarage Keys per hour: 455.51

Avarage Clicks per second: 0.03
Avarage Clicks per minute: 1.77
Avarage Clicks per hour: 106.27