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Universal Union

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Welcome to the Universal Union Team. This team is for anyone to join, please join if you want, the team is open for everyone.

New Idea: I little idea behind this team is that if you feel that you want more members in your own team, or members are becoming in active, then your team can merge with this team. Meaning that we are all in a bigger more active team.

This Team is in conjunction with The Gamers Universal Union found on Gamespot, for any Gamespot users i hope you can join the Union there. (Not necessary to join this team)


Founder: Beardie27
1st Manager: Project IGI
2nd Manager: c-smith

Merged Teams

1. GAME (c-smith)


Rank: 295th
Members: 9

Total Keys: 141,708,452
Total Clicks: 66,696,087
Total Percentage: 0.02%