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The Kongregate team is currently ranked 7th amongst all WhatPulse teams and we are rising up the ranks fairly quickly because of our 265 members continuously typing and clicking away. We have typed a total of 3,803,223,094 keys and 1,874,915,307 clicks. The team was originally created by Nab =P in December 2007 and then in April 2011 Jaume was made founder. In August 2016 VforVendetta became the founder.

Kongregate.com is a website that has over 100,000 free flash games for everyone's enjoyment.
Flash game developers from all over the world have uploaded their games, resulting in a great variety of games.

We have our own blog at www.kongpulse.blogspot.com where stats of our team\'s progress, countries\' progress, top 50 of our team\'s progress and other interesting stats are updated regularly.