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Name is Johnny, been a member since 2005-06-02 , yeah i know, thats a loooong time ago, 13 years, 51 weeks, 2 days, 10 hours, 9 minutes, 53 seconds to be accurate.

During this time, i pressed 33,046,853 times, or as far as i remember, 3 keyboards, worn down. I also clicked my mouse(s) alot... 19,396,614 if i remember correct.

Recently whatpulse started to log download, much to my amasement, i am ranked 56th in the world?? with 100.07TB. I guess i am a leeching bastard :-P

3,721 is the number of times, i felt the urge to poke at my trusty whatpulse icon, next til the windows clock.

- if anyone happens to have A WORKING whatpulse mirc script, for mirc 7.1, and maybe even a small guide? pleeeease feel free to contact me at waznewz@gmail.com