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Personal Information
The name is silentlybroken, although I\'m generally known as SB (for the lazy people who can\'t type my entire nick), and I joined on 2007-03-18 (13y11w1d11h54m22s). I live in the United Kingdom and you can find my very interesting (not) blog at http://hauntedwhispers.wordpress.com.

I\'m 22 and currently at university (Bristol UWE) studying Education and Psychology. In the holidays I work part as a Room Attendant in one of the hotels at Alton Towers.

What little time I spend not working, I tend to spend on Marapets. It\'s scarily addictive and I really enjoy it.

I\'m an Eeyore fanatic, and love to collect them. Anyone who gives me an Eeyore is a firm friend. I also love to watch Anime, and am currently widening the Anime I watch. I often have new DVDs to watch, and have an extensive collection.

I think that\'s enough about me, onto the pulses..

Pulse Information (keys, clicks, mouse distance)
I\'ve done a total of 1,885 pulses, gathering up the following information:

A total keycount of 44,216,361, pulsing 2,559 keys last pulse, with an average of 23,457 keys per pulse! This amounts to 0.11 keys per second, 6.37 keys per minute and 381.95 keys per hour.

A total clickcount of 6,360,045, pulsing 2,699 clicks last pulse, with an average of 3,374 clicks per pulse! This amounts to 0.02 clicks per second, 0.92 clicks per minute and 54.94 per hour.

Due to my silly amounts of typing, I am now ranked 1768th overall on WhatPulse and have total mouse movement of deprecated miles.

I am currently looking for a team that I\'d be happy joining, feel free to message me regarding your team!