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Started using WhatPulse again in 25th of September, 2011.
Started using 2.0.1 in 1st of January, 2013 (allows network tracking, earlier just clicks, mouse travel and keys).

Computer bleu (Acer Aspire One) has been retired and sold in 2012.
Computer peikko has been without GUI (runlevel 3) since 2011, so no stats counted after that.
Comptuter torttu (old Acer Aspire) has been torn to pieces in 2011.
Computer mac-mini_work work retired 2013.
Computer minion is Asus eeePC 901, getting quite slow and no real use found yet... using for testing or playing old retrogames.
Computer turmio is old Acer laptop which has a broken screen and motherboard. Retired in 2013.
Computer starcadian is custom Linux PC running inside a cardboard, only for testing purposes right now, quite loud PC.
Computer DudeIE-testPC is a decade old IBM ThinkPad, only used for occasional Internet Explorer testing.

Computers in use:
bliss (MacBook Pro, late-2013 model, 13,3")
demon (MacBook Pro, mid-2019, model 15.6")
Sadness (MacBook Pro, 2014 model, 15")