Release Notes for WhatPulse 2.7.2b2

2.7.2b2 - 4 December 2016
   NEW    Show the history of Milestone triggers in the settings page, so you can keep track of when which Milestone triggered.
   NEW    Add support for network hardware offloading. This means the client is way more accurate with network bandwidth in certain hardware setups.
   NEW    Add support for Win10Pcap (newer modern version of the 3rd party network monitoring) in the client. We're still providing WinPcap with the installer though.
   IMPROVED    Put the real version number (2.7.2b2) in the title bar and use the confusing one (2.7.1-1431) only under the hood.
   IMPROVED    Add local computer info (OS/Hardware details) to get the complete picture when we're troubleshooting.
   NOTE    The 'Save' button on the Milestones page is now hidden as the Milestones save instantly and you don't have to use the 'Save' button.
   FIXED    Adjust the height of the Facts window so the letters aren't squished.