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Date I installed this keylogger: 2016-09-08

How many people I influenced into installing this keylogger: 2

Time I spent being keylogged: 43 weeks, 2 days, 16 hours, 43 minutes, 54 seconds

Country: Romania

Team: Frutti Fresh squad


Total keys: 47,362,519

Total clicks: 8,810,987

AVG KPS (not really accurate, I quit using WhatPulse some time ago and it slowly decreased to shit): 0.56

AVG CPS (same as the keys): 0.1


Keys: 1350th

Clicks: 8230th

Keyboard History (DD/MM/YYYY):

SkyDigital nKeyboard (Cherry MX Red): 01/09/2015 - ??/??/???? - My favourite osu! keyboard. Had it as my main keyboard and it's alright I guess. As of now, it developed an issue on the bottom row mostly where it would press keys by itself if I start holding 2 or more certain keys. It had worse days when it would press other keys instantly, but now it's been fixed somewhat with the help of a dude which had the same keyboard before.

Razer BlackWidow Chroma X (Razer Green): 15/06/2018 - ??/??/???? - My main keyboard for typing and other games. Razer Greens are better to type with than any linear switch and it's been alright for any game that doesn't involve that much speed as osu! does sometimes. Casual osu! seems also okay, but I'd rather tryhard with my Cherry MX Red keyboard as it's far better for stamina, speed and accuracy. And also, who would forget about making their setup pretty with RGBBBBBBBBBBBBBBIU9IWDUUQWDHQWIDHUIHWFIYUQBHG

Other Keyboards I had the chance to use:

Marvo KG922 (Marvo Red) - RZBD's main keyboard, its switches are a lot heavier than my Cherry MXs and it has ghosting issues. Can play StepMania on it pretty decently aside from stamina intensive stuff.

Redragon Vara RGB (Outemu Blues) - Blazy's main keyboard. Similar to Razer Greens, they feel far better for typing, even reaching 120WPS on it easily. It skips inputs for some reason on StepMania, and I heard from him that it also skips input sometimes in osu!, but we have no clue why. And also its RGB is inferior from Razer's :^)