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Hello I'm andre583 from Poland I've been a participant since 2005-08-08.

And in that time I typed 17,329,703 keys and 9,471,213 click times in total.
Averaging 0.04 keys and 0.02 clicks per second.
2.13 keys and 1.17 clicks per minute.
127.92 keys and 69.91 clicks per hour.

My last sent pulse to this server on 2020-12-31 09:48 and I sent a total of 904 pulses overall.
Keys 46,450 and clicks 28,807 of my last pulse.
Average key 19,170 and clicks 10,477 per pulse.

My rank is 8,839th.
I belong to the Clickme crew team ID 7784
In team I'm on 2nd position and my country is on 6th.
And this is my homepage .