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Zania Jaarda lives in the United States. Zania currently serves as the Captain of the USS Zealous, which can be found at http://zealous.slasims.com.


Rank in Team: 1st

Overall Rank: 89th
Total Keys: 124,801,011 | Total Clicks: 24,103,223

Date Joined: 2004-09-10
Total Pulses: 48,496
Last Pulse Made: 2019-11-13 13:02
Keys Submitted in Last Pulse: 50,000 | Clicks Submitted in Last Pulse: 19,580

Keys Per Second: 0.26 | Clicks Per Second: 0.05
Keys Per Minute: 15.62 | Clicks Per Minute: 3.02
Keys Per Hour: 937.45 | Clicks Per Hour: 181.05
Keys Per Pulse: 2,573 | Clicks Per Pulse: 497

For more information on the SLA, the USS Zealous, or how to join the sim, contact Captain Ja\'arda at zaniajaarda@aol.com.