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Account name: Zakassis
Join date: 2004-12-22
Rank: 152nd

I have pushed 107,771,421 keys and clicked 50,232,330 times since December 26th, 2006. I also have downloaded 5.35TB and uploaded 493.37GB since it was implemented.

My system has also been up for 5y40w5d16h3s.

I have pulsed 4,196 times.

My last pulse at 2019-04-03 06:00 consisted of 18,540 keys and 22,158 clicks.

I average 0.22 keys and 0.1 clicks per second.
I average 13.49 keys and 6.29 clicks per minute.
I average 809.64 keys and 377.37 clicks per hour.
I average 25,684 keys and 11,971 clicks with every pulse.