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Hi! I'm Soulweaver, a university student from Finland. I joined on 2014-02-18, though I'm positive I had an account that I can't find anymore from ways back – think about mid-2000s – when the site looked vastly different and for example still tracked the distance your mouse had travelled.

My hobbies include programming and anime. I seed a lot of data due to the latter as I maintain a subtitling group I founded some years back and I generally seed the raws I require during the time I still need them myself. On the download side, I also sometimes download random anime releases whose metadata is not found yet on a site I frequent, AniDB, and dump that metadata to make their database a bit more complete. Better put the bandwidth I pay for into use instead of letting the pipes stay dry, I guess; thank Finland for not having ISPs with silly monthly data limits.

My home page can be found at https://soulweaver.fi/, so go there if you want to know more. I've been a part of the team Uploaders since May 2015.


Pulses: 31,757
Keys: 47,482,077 (1,617th), 800.14 keys/h
Clicks: 15,571,009 (3,746th), 262.39 clicks/h
Bandwidth: 52.51TB (197th)  301.60TB (22nd)
Uptime: 8 years, 9 weeks, 6 days, 4 minutes, (444th)

Last pulse

When: 2020-11-25 05:59
Keys: +0
Clicks: +0

Team Uploaders stats

Keys: 369,282,017 (102nd)
Clicks: 261,054,788 (64th)
Bandwidth: ↓ 515.76TB (15th)   2.41PB (3rd)
Uptime: 85 years, 14 weeks, 2 days, 8 hours, 47 minutes, 38 seconds (29th)

My rank: 3rd

Finland ranks

Keys: 9th
Clicks: 9th
Bandwidth: ↓ 12th   14th
Uptime: 11th