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NiXXeN has been a member of the whatpulse community since 2004-08-19.
Since that date NiXXeN has pushed 80,428,585 keys on the keyboards and clicked 32,960,606 buttons on the mouse. This gives him a global rank of 434th and a team rank of 1st in the Game Maker
NiXXeN's last pulse was the 2021-01-19 14:41, and pulsed 1,046 key pushes and 315 mouse clicks.
That last pulse made the pulse counter for NiXXeN reach 13,873 total pulses.

NiXXeN lives in Norway

NiXXeN's homepage is http://www.youtube.com/nixxen

[Just for statistics]
Accountname: NiXXeN
Join date: 2004-08-19
Country: Norway
Team name: Game Maker
Team ID: 1009
Homepage: http://www.youtube.com/nixxen
Keys in last pulse: 1,046
Clicks in last pulse: 315
Time and date of last pulse: 2021-01-19 14:41
Total keys: 80,428,585
Total clicks: 32,960,606
Global rank: 434th
Average keys per second: 0.16
Average clicks per second: 0.06
Average keys per minute: 9.31
Average clicks per minute: 3.82
Average keys per hour: 558.71
Average clicks per hour: 228.97
Total ammount of pulses: 13,873
Average keys per pulse: 5,797
Average clicks per pulse: 2,376
Rank in team: 1st