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Name: GoBuuku
Date Joined: 2005-04-18 (15y45w6d12h26m47s ago)
Country: United States
I keyed 10,000 times last pulse (2021-01-01 17:01).
I clicked 3,759 times last pulse.
22,821,659 Keys have been typed
8,829,014 Clicks have been made
deprecated Miles have been traveled
I have 2,630 pulses total
Rank: 6,121st

Other Stats:
0.05 Average keys per second
0.02 Average clicks per second
2.73 Average keys per minute
1.06 Average clicks per minute
164.05 Average keys per hour
63.46 Average clicks per hour

Average keys per pulse 8,677
Average clicks per pulse 3,357