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Hi, I'm Celianna! I have joined WhatPulse on 2004-12-19 (15y23w3d16h21m4s) since I was only 14 years old and have been typing ever since then. I have my Pulse set to pulse every 500k keys, because I like to keep everything even. I hit 500k roughly every month. If I have more than 400k clicks in a pulse, it's either because I'm drawing a lot, or playing a game.

I last pulsed on 2020-05-06 03:31.

Account information:

Rank: 240th
Keys: 95,213,967
Clicks: 48,195,552
Uptime: 6 years, 10 weeks, 6 days, 17 hours, 29 minutes, 16 seconds

Team: Fanfiction Enthusiasts
Teamrank: 2nd
Country: Netherlands

Total pulses: 513