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Hi! My name is Autism and this is my WhatPulse statistics page!

I hope to rack up some good numbers here, as my computer activity is certainly very high. 

I work with and manage hundreds, soon to be thousands of Instagram accounts- posting, finding and downloading content whilst being very active on the app. This adds up to a lot of data used and clicks.
I own and maintain one website (soon to be more) and a blog. I write as a job on the website, as a hobby on my Tumblr blog, with the links for each of those below. This is the main source of the keys pressed.

The average computer lasts less than a year, and I hope to add WhatPulse to my VPS. 
Rest in Peace Hatss computer. 

Projects, websites and accounts

Main Instagram account: http://instagram.com/IGxAristocrat        (Focus: Engagement)

Secondary Instagram account: http://instagram.com/Adactylous (Focus: Followers)

Website: http://www.aristocrat.cash / http://aristocratcash.blogspot.com

Blog: N/A (temp)

Other website(s): http://www.daddyfucked.me 

Total Pulses: 344
Last Pulse: 2018-03-04 19:19

Total keys: 8,481,394
Average keys p/s: 0.06

Total clicks: 2,771,529
Average clicks p/s: 0.02
Referrals: 0

Uploaded: 21.25GB

With a total uptime of 14 weeks, 2 days, 3 hours, 30 minutes, 41 seconds

Keys: 19,400th
Clicks: 31,594th
Download: 64,948th
Upload: 67,399th
Uptime: 51,350th