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Hi everybody, I\'m [T@C]Vampiria.

I joined whatpulse 2007-01-16 and that\'s 12y40w3d12h36m8s. That\'s a long time ago, right? ^^
I live in the Netherlands.

I\'m on the computer a lot, so I type a lot ^_^.
I\'ve typed 47,343,505 and clicked 7,792,299 times and it\'s still growing!

My average is 0.12 keys/sec and 0.02 clicks/sec
Because I always wanted to know, I\'m going to put these two in too: the average per minute! ^^
7.05 keys/minute and 1.16 clicks/minute

I pulsed 556 times.

I\'m in team Dutch Power Cows and I\'m ranked 84th

My website is: http://synt4x-3rr0r.deviantart.com

Oh, everyone click this: