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IMUnicke Your accountname
2005-12-07 The date you joined
United States Your country
Team Amazing The name of the team you\'re in
5813 The ID of the team you\'re in
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/User:ImUnicke Your homepage
795 The keys of your last pulse
673 The clicks of your last pulse
2013-05-12 20:00 The time and date of your last pulse
48,900,942 Your total keys
11,689,779 Your total clicks
deprecated Your total miles
1227th Your rank
0.12 Your average keys per second
0.03 Your average clicks per second
7 Your average keys per minute
1.67 Your average clicks per minute
420.13 Your average keys per hour
100.43 Your average clicks per hour
8,921 Total ammount of pulses
5,482 Average keys per pulse
1,310 Average clicks per pulse
1st Your rank in your team
1st The rank of your country
13y14w6d17h47m57s How long ago you joined
0 Amount of people you referred to WhatPulse