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Windows Installation fails with: "0.00 bytes are available"

Advanced Windows users might use a RAM disk to store temporary files. If that doesn't sound familiar to you, this article most likely won't apply to you.

When using a RAM disk for your temporary files, the WhatPulse installer will present you with this error: Installation error

The installer framework that WhatPulse uses, does currently not support using a RAM disk for your temporary files. As a work around, you can install WhatPulse via a command prompt.

  1. Open a cmd window (search "cmd" via the start menu)
  2. Run these commands to start the WhatPulse installation:
set TMP=C:\Temp
set TEMP=C:\Temp
cd %userprofile%\Downloads

The installation will run through normally now. Please note that you might need to update the whatpulse-win-4.0.exe filename with the filename of your recent WhatPulse installer download.