Unicomp R7_2_10x_Kbrd_v7_37

Unicomp Inc

The Unicomp Inc Unicomp R7_2_10x_Kbrd_v7_37 is a mechanical keyboard designed for high performance and durability. Equipped with traditional buckling spring key switches, this keyboard provides tactile feedback and a satisfying click. Its compact tenkeyless design saves space on your desk while maintaining all the essential keys for efficient typing.

Made by Unicomp Inc, this keyboard features a sturdy construction with a robust frame that can withstand heavy daily use. The key switches offer a long lifespan, ensuring reliable performance over time. With a simple and classic design, the Unicomp R7_2_10x_Kbrd_v7_37 is a reliable choice for users who prioritize functionality and durability in their keyboard.

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