Macally MKEYE/MKEYX USB Keyboard

Macally Peripherals

The Macally Peripherals Macally MKEYE/MKEYX USB Keyboard is a sleek and durable keyboard designed for use with Mac computers. It features a standard layout with a full-size keyboard that includes numeric keypad and responsive keys for accurate typing. This USB keyboard is plug-and-play, compatible with both Mac OS X and Windows operating systems, making it versatile for use with different devices.

Constructed with a slim and compact design, the Macally MKEYE/MKEYX keyboard is perfect for saving space on your desk or workstation. It is equipped with low-profile keys that provide a comfortable typing experience while reducing noise. The adjustable tilt legs allow you to customize the keyboard angle for ergonomic use, while the 5-foot long cable provides flexibility for positioning. With its simple yet practical design, this USB keyboard is an ideal choice for everyday computer use.

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