Unicomp R7_2_122_5250_Kbrd_v7_47

Unicomp Inc

The Unicomp Inc Unicomp R7_2_122_5250_Kbrd_v7_47 is a full-size keyboard with a total of 122 keys. It features a traditional layout with function keys, a numerical keypad, and standard alphanumeric keys. The keyboard is designed with a durable construction and uses buckling spring key switches for a tactile typing experience.

This keyboard is equipped with a USB interface for easy plug-and-play connectivity to a computer. It also includes two Windows keys, a caps lock key, and indicator lights for caps lock, scroll lock, and num lock. The Unicomp Inc Unicomp R7_2_122_5250_Kbrd_v7_47 is compatible with various operating systems and is suitable for users who prefer a classic keyboard design with tactile feedback.

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