Cordless Keyboard搷絡ぜ〲3찰μ쭔.ﶨ熐넰μ


The Logitech搱ⴰ㙢敦〭愰挰〹㕦搷絡ぜ〲3찰μ쭔.ﶨ熐넰μ Cordless Keyboard features a wireless design for easy connectivity to devices. The keyboard offers a standard layout with full-size keys for comfortable typing experience.

With its compact and sleek design, the Logitech搱ⴰ㙢敦〭愰挰〹㕦搷絡ぜ〲3찰μ쭔.ﶨ熐넰μ Cordless Keyboard is ideal for use in small spaces or on-the-go. The keyboard is compatible with multiple operating systems and offers reliable performance for everyday use.

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