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goal nr1: reach the 15 members and 5 mil keystrokes {Goal Reached}
goal nr2: reach the 10 mil keystrokes & 5 mil clicks {Goal Reached}
goal nr3: reach the 50 members & getting in the top 500{Goal Reached}
goal nr4: reach the 0,06% team percentage {Goal Reached}
goal nr5: get in the top 200 (about 70 million keys){Goal Reached}
goal nr6: get in the top 150 (about 87 million keys){Goal Reached}
goal nr7: get in the top 100 {about 115 million keys}{Goal Reached}
goal nr8: get in the top 50 {about 288 million keys}{Goal Reached}
goal nr9: get in the top 25 and reach the 100 members! (about 561 million keys){Goal Reached}
goal nr10: Reach the keystrokes & 500.000.000 clicks! {Goal Reached}

CURRENT GOAL: Reach the top 10 teams with keystrokes!

Team Rank: 72nd
Member Count: 31
Team Keys: 541,327,256
Team Clicks: 270,074,274
Team Percentage: 0.07%