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Welcome on the Teampage of the Gamers Group!
If you are new here, welcome on our page!
We hitted the Board 2,517,694 Times and pressed the mouse 953,736 times!

We downloaded 272.54GB and uploaded 39.57GB

We played for 17w1d3h5m36s now :D

If you want your game here as a sub team, PLEASE PM me! (SeeEmAge)


9th December 2013: We gonna add a Website soon! But we need help! Do you have
some ideas? Wordpress has a Whatpulse plugin! This sounds nice? :)

11th December 2013: Wow! We got 2 new members! Welcome kimba659 and century0test!
Don't forget you 2! You can help the team! Say what you want! ;)