Release Notes for WhatPulse 2.7b3

2.7b3 - 26 January 2015
    NEW     Traffic Types: Add an option to record unknown traffic (not registered in the network ports CSV) and and disable it by default. This will stop database files growing extensively when using Peer-to-Peer download services.
    IMPROVED     When using the 'Reset' button, the client now asks which statistic you want to reset instead of resetting all stats. Also fix resetting of per traffic type stats.
    IMPROVED     Adjust some interface element sizes (few buttons, some text) to look more spiffier.
    FIXED     Fix email validation for newer domain extensions.
    FIXED     Fix unknown key names in an exported CSV file (they were mangled unicode mumbo-jumbo).
    FIXED     Client API: Fix Pulse function.
    FIXED     Fixed validation of computer names when creating a new one.