Release Notes for WhatPulse 2.7b2

2.7b2 - 8 January 2015
   NEW    Client API: With the Client API you can programmatically extract real-time data from the client for use in your own program. More on this in a new website called Developer Center, but for now simply point your browser to http://localhost:3490 to discover more (after enabling it in your settings).
   NEW    Network: Added a time selector for the traffic types to view a certain time span.
   NEW    Network: Allow users to override traffic type description through a custom CSV file (more info on the forums).
   NEW    Network: Added a time selector for the per application traffic to view historic application traffic data.
   NEW    Mac OS X: New OS X version icons!
   IMPROVED    Network: Show when testing internet connectivity.
   IMPROVED    Windows: Also optimize the Updater for high resolution screens.
   IMPROVED    Improve a few interface elements.
   FIXED    Properly display Network Traffic Types for non-premium users during the beta.
   FIXED    Network: In the per application stats, idle applications could have a rate up to 16TB/s.
   FIXED    Mac OS X: Fix auto correction for keyboard/mouse access in OS X 10.11.