Release Notes for WhatPulse 2.4.1b2


1 August 2014
  • NEW Geek Window: Add realtime keys, clicks, download and upload per second variables called "Rates".
  • IMPROVED Database size: Delete mouse points older than 3 months from the heatmap to save space and memory usage (option to keep them). This reduces the size of an average database with 80% and improves client performance.

  • IMPROVED Improve token flow to double validate token upon pulse to make sure the token gets transferred properly and you don’t get stuck with an invalid token because the communication had a glitch.
  • IMPROVED Reset new application uploads back from 30 minutes to 15 minutes as it was causing too much confusion about new applications.
  • IMPROVED Introduce a new memory swiper which makes sure the client does not hang on to unneeded memory (use less memory).

  •   Windows
  • NEW Recognise Windows 8.1 and 2012R2.
  • FIXED Fix timing issues where client does not start on Windows startup.
  • FIXED Fix Geek Window transparency glitch when saving new layout.
  • FIXED Fix another few Geek Window glitches to make it more smooth and stable during settings changes.

  •   OS X
  • NEW The client application is now signed with a proper certificate! (Gatekeeper likes us now).
  • NEW Add support and recognition for OS X 10.10 (Yosemite).
  • NEW Recognise virtualised OS X.
  • NEW Recognise some of the newer computer models.
  • FIXED Fix recognition of AMD processors.