Cordless Receiver搷絡ぜ㈰7 PLATINUM Keyboard

Logitech搱ⴰ㙢敦〭愰挰〹㕦搷絡ぜ㈰7 PLATINUM Keyboard

The Logitech搱ⴰ㙢敦〭愰挰〹㕦搷絡ぜ㈰7 PLATINUM Keyboard is a cordless keyboard with a receiver included. It offers a convenient and clutter-free typing experience with reliable connectivity. The keyboard is designed with a platinum finish for a sleek and modern look.

The Logitech搱ⴰ㙢敦〭愰挰〹㕦搷絡ぜ㈰7 PLATINUM Keyboard features responsive keys that provide a comfortable typing experience. It is compatible with most computers and offers easy plug-and-play setup. The cordless receiver allows for flexibility in positioning the keyboard while maintaining a strong and stable connection.

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