Galaxy 84 HK gaming x DURGOD

Hoksi Technology

The Hoksi Technology Galaxy 84 HK gaming keyboard is a compact and sleek option for gamers looking for a high-performance device. Featuring DURGOD mechanical switches, this keyboard provides a satisfying tactile feedback and is rated for up to 50 million keystrokes. With customizable RGB lighting and programmable keys, users can personalize their gaming experience to suit their preferences. The USB-C connection ensures a reliable and fast connection for uninterrupted gameplay.

The Galaxy 84 HK gaming keyboard has a durable construction, with a solid aluminum frame that is built to last. Its compact 75% layout saves space on your desk while still offering all the essential keys for gaming and everyday use. The PBT keycaps are resistant to wear and fading, ensuring longevity and consistent performance over time. With NKRO and anti-ghosting technology, this keyboard delivers precise and accurate input for competitive gaming.

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