Statistics Variables

Below is a table of variables you can use inside your public profile, twitter or facebook message.

Variable Description
%TotalKeys% User: Keys
%TotalClicks% User: Clicks
%TotalDownloaded% User: Downloaded
%TotalUploaded% User: Uploaded
%TotalUptime% User: Uptime
%TotalUptimeLong% User: Uptime (long format)
%RankKeys% User: Rankings: Keys
%RankClicks% User: Rankings: Clicks
%RankDownload% User: Rankings: Download
%RankUpload% User: Rankings: Upload
%RankUptime% User: Rankings: Uptime
%AccountName% User: Accountname
%DateJoined% User: Date joined
%Homepage% User: Homepage
%HowLongJoined% User: Joined how long ago
%HowLongJoinedLong% User: Joined how long ago (long format)
%Referrals% User: Referrals
%LastReferral% User: Last referral date
%AmountOfComputers% User: Amount of computers
%LastPulse% User: Last Pulse date
%KeysLastPulse% User: Last Pulse keys
%ClicksLastPulse% User: Last Pulse clicks
%DownloadLastPulse% User: Last Pulse download
%UploadLastPulse% User: Last Pulse upload
%UptimeLastPulse% User: Last Pulse uptime
%Pulses% User: Total Pulses
%AvKeysPerPulse% User: Average keys per pulse
%AvClicksPerPulse% User: Average clicks per pulse
%AverageKPS% User: Average keys per second
%AverageCPS% User: Average clicks per second
%AverageKPM% User: Average keys per minute
%AverageCPM% User: Average clicks per minute
%AverageKPH% User: Average keys per hour
%AverageCPH% User: Average clicks per hour
%WeekKeys% User: Last weeks keys
%WeekClicks% User: Last weeks clicks
%WeekDownload% User: Last weeks download
%WeekUpload% User: Last weeks upload
%WeekUptime% User: Last weeks uptime
%WeekPulses% User: Last weeks number of pulses
%RankKeys_Change% User: Last weeks rank change on keys
%RankClicks_Change% User: Last weeks rank change on clicks
%RankDownload_Change% User: Last weeks rank change on download
%RankUpload_Change% User: Last weeks rank change on upload
%RankUptime_Change% User: Last weeks rank change on uptime
%Country% Country: Name
%CountryShort% Country: Name (short)
%CountryRankKeys% Country: Rankings: Keys
%CountryRankClicks% Country: Rankings: Clicks
%CountryRankDownload% Country: Rankings: Download
%CountryRankUpload% Country: Rankings: Upload
%CountryRankUptime% Country: Rankings: Uptime
%CountryMembers% Country: Members
%CountryKeys% Country: Keys
%CountryClicks% Country: Clicks
%CountryDownload% Country: Download
%CountryUpload% Country: Upload
%CountryUptime% Country: Uptime
%CountryUptimeLong% Country: Uptime (long format)
%TeamName% Team: Name
%TeamFormed% Team: Date created
%TeamID% Team: ID
%RankInTeam% Team: Your rank in team
%TeamMembers% Team: Members
%TeamKeys% Team: Keys
%TeamClicks% Team: Clicks
%TeamDownload% Team: Download
%TeamUpload% Team: Upload
%TeamUptime% Team: Uptime
%TeamUptimeLong% Team: Uptime (long format)
%TeamRankKeys% Team: Rankings: Keys
%TeamRankClicks% Team: Rankings: Clicks
%TeamRankDownload% Team: Rankings: Download
%TeamRankUpload% Team: Rankings: Upload
%TeamRankUptime% Team: Rankings: Uptime