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Delete Your Statistics

You can delete your statistics on the website, if you wish to do so. This will remove all records of the statistic you're deleting from our database (without a way to recover them, be sure when doing this!) for all your computers. The statistics on your local client will not be affected by this.

To delete a certain type of statistic from our website, browse to My WhatPulse and click "Reset online statistics". A menu will drop down where you can select the statistic type you want to delete. Here's how that looks:

Reset stats

After clicking the right statistic type, you will be redirected to a page where we will ask for your password to confirm that you really want to delete that statistic type. Again, there's no recovery option, so be sure! If you're sure, enter your password and click the submit button. The website will remove your statistics for the selected type when you've clicked submit.