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Manage Your Computers

To manage computers, ensure that you are logged in to the WhatPulse website. Hover over "My WhatPulse" in the main navigation bar, and then click on "Computers". On this page, you can add, rename, archive, or remove computers.

Managing computers

Add a Computer

To add a computer, click on the "New" button. A dialog will pop up. Enter whatever name you like for your computer (e.g. Home, Laptop, Work), and then click on the "Add" button. A confirmation will appear on the next page, and the computer will be available to select from within the client.

Rename a Computer

To rename a computer, click on the pencil icon on the right side. Enter whatever name you would like into the text box, and then click "save".

Archive a Computer

Archived computers are still available in your profile, dashboard, and stats. You can keep archived computers around for historical stats. You can't pulse with them, and it opens a seat on the three-computer limit for free accounts. Premium accounts have unlimited computers.

To archive a computer, select one or more computers using the left checkboxes, and click the "Archive" button. You can also click the edit button (pencil) on the right of each computer, toggle the "Archive Computer" in the pop-up dialog, and click save.

Unarchive a Computer

You can unarchive a computer and make it active again by clicking the edit button (pencil) on the right of each computer, toggling the "Archive Computer" in the pop-up dialog, and clicking save.

Delete Computer

To delete a computer, select the computer(s) you want to delete using the checkbox in front of it. Then use the dropdown at the bottom of the computer list to select 'Delete'. A dialog will appear asking if you want to delete the computer(s). Click on "Delete" to finalize the deletion.

Merge Two Computers

To merge two computers together into one, tick the check-boxes next to each computer you intend to merge, then click the “merge computers” button. A dialog box will appear on-screen prompting you to enter a new name for the combined computer. Click the yellow “Merge" button again to confirm the change.

If you decide to rename or delete one or more computers, be sure to pulse before changing them on this page, or you will not be able to pulse your local statistics!