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Find Your Team ID or User ID

Sometimes may need to use a team or user ID number. Usually these are used in third-party applications or scripts, such as WebAPIs or gadgets.

User ID

There are two ways to find your user ID number. The first method is to login to your account on the WhatPulse website and click 'My WhatPulse' - your UserID is mentioned on the 'Home' tab.

In the client: Left click the WhatPulse icon, go to the 'Account' tab and look in the 'UserID' field. If you want to find out another user's ID number, use the search function and look in the URL (as per above).

Team ID

To get your team ID, login to your WhatPulse account and click 'Your Team Stats' in your control panel menu. As with the user ID, look in the address bar of your browser for a link that should look something like - Use the digits at the end (not including slashes) as your team ID number. To find another team's ID number, use the search function, select 'Team' in the drop-down box and look in the URL (as per above).