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Enable the Client API

The Client API is a feature that allows you to retrieve real-time statistics via a programmatic way from the client on your computer. It is a RESTful API and is explained in detail in our API section. This article explains how to enable the Client API in the settings of the client.

First, browse to the 'Settings' tab and move to the last page:

Client API Settings

To enable the Client API, simply check the "Enable Client API" checkbox and press the "Save" button.

The option "Listen on port" is the HTTP port which the client open up for you to use for the Client API. The "IPs that are allowed to connect" text box, is a way to secure the Client API by configuring the IP addresses that can connect to your client. No other IP addresses are allowed to connect to the client.

With every change to the port number or the IP address list, you need to use the "Save" button.