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Customizing the Geek Window

Geek Window provides a customizable overlay window for monitoring system information such as keys, clicks, download, upload software, etc. With the Geek window, you can create a personalized, always-on-top overlay that displays your WhatPulse statistics while using other applications on your computer. You can move the geek window, customize transparency, and choose the background and font color. As the name suggests, it is designed for the geek in you.

1Configure sectionProvides a preview of the Geek Window. You can add or delete statistics for this section.
2ResetEnables you to reset the Geek Window to default.
3Call to CenterBrings the Geek Window to the center of the screen.
4Font SettingEnables you to configure the Geek Window font color.
5TransparencyEnables you to configure the transparency setting. Move the slide bar to the left to decrease the transparency or the right to increase the transparency.
6Close Geek Window on double clickOption to close the Geek Window when double-clicked.
7Put Geek Window on topOption to keep the Geek Window overlay on top of other windows. The overlay will always be visible if this option is enabled, even when other windows are open.

Start the Geek Window

  1. From the taskbar, right-click the WhatPulse icon.
  2. Click Toogle Geek Window.

Configure Statistics in the Geek Window

You can configure statistics that you want to view in the Geek Window by adding or deleting statistics from the Geek window. To add a statistic, do the following:

  1. In the Geek Window, click Add. You see an Edit me label in the preview section.
  2. Select the "Edit me" label in the left window, and do one of the following:
    • Rename the Edit me label as needed.
    • Select the statistic you want to see from the "Insert statistic" drop-down menu.
  3. Click Save. You can also add two labels; use one label to add the name of the statistic and another to insert the actual statistic.