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Ignore Applications

By default, the WhatPulse client looks at all your running applications for network and uptime statistics. If you would like to ignore (exclude) certain applications from being measured, you can!

The ignore list of network and uptime are two separate lists. So if you ignore an application for uptime; it is not automatically ignored for network as well. You need to specify that separately. To ignore an application, you can use the context menu of an application. Here is an example to ignore an application from the network tab:

Ignore network application

When you click ignore, the application will disappear from the list and will be ignored from measurements.

Unignore Applications

When ever you ignore an application, the WhatPulse client does not show this application in the statistics tables. It is stored in the ignores list, which you can use to uningore these applications. If you unignore an application, it will be measured once again!

You can unignore applications from the "Settings" tab:

Unignore application

  1. Click on the Settings tab.
  2. Click on the Ignored sub tab to see the currently ignored applications.
  3. Right click on the application you want to unignore.
  4. Click on Unignore to remove it from the ignored list and it'll start measuring again.