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Discrepancy between overall account uptime in client vs on website + another bug
I just noticed that the my total uptime shown in my whatpulse client is not the same as what is on my profile on the I write this the site says my uptime is 6y3w4h39m34s, but my client says a greater value: 6y75d3h39m.

Now for the (presumably) unrelated other bug: for several weeks now I have noticed that every day whatpulse seems to like, lose or not track a few minutes of uptime. I have it set to pulse hourly and every day it seems at some time after 12pm my time some minutes are lost, e.g. if it pulsed at 11:07 it stands to reason that it should then pulse again at 12:07, but instead it ends up pulsing at say, 12:10 and even though this happens the pulse recorded on the site holds 1 full hour of uptime. Not 1 hour 3 minutes, but just 1 hour.

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