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Title: Better Support for High DPI Displays + Dark Mode/Theme + Better Support for UWP apps
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Some icons and text (especially on Windows) is blurry on high DPI displays. Would be nice to see a overhaul of the icons so that they don't look like something from an SNES game XD


On macOS:
(image 1 and 2 attached)

Windows also has this issue, will update this post once I get on my Windows Station.

Since the idea of dark mode/theme has gotten very popular since the last time WhatPulse was updated (cool new 2.9b1 btw, v.spice), would be nice to see an update that brings dark mode. Maybe the client could even be updated to support the design language of the host (such as the up coming Big Sur UI changes for macOS and Fluent Design for Windows) but I understand this might be more hassle than it's worth.

One last thing I have noticed is that UWP apps don't seem to be properly fully supported, at the very least I have never seen them be uploaded. Just a thought though, and this may end up being more bother than what it's worth

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