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Uptime problem on Desktop.
My account is showing <1 minute total uptime on the desktop. Online its showing correctly.

Please give us some more details when posting. This thread is there for a guideline:
Right, if I right click on the WhatPulse Icon on the taskbar and click on open window my Account information comes up. On the right hand side i can see Total Clicks, Total Keys, Total Upload, Total Download, Total Uptime. My Total Uptime is showing <1 min. The other values Total keys etc are correct. If I look at my online stats my Total Uptime is showing 68y,21w...... position 2nd which is correct. This only started the day before I first posted the problem, maybe the client can't cope with so much uptime?

All of my machines run 2.8.4 on Windows 10,except for one running Windows 7. All are showing <1 min.

O.K, It looks to me that the uptime shown on the desktop reverts to <1 minute when 2,147,483,648 (or 2^31) seconds of uptime have elapsed.That works out at just over 68 years of uptime. This would appear to be the limit ie HEX FFFF FFFF that the desktop utility can handle. So far only 2 users have reached this limit so its not a big problem as the online stats are correct.


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